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Biomedicininių tyrimų etikos studijos

Vilniaus Universiteto Medicinos istorijos ir etikos skyrius kviečia studijuoti tarptautinėje tyrimų etikos studijų programoje anglų kalba. Studijos organizuojamos kartu su Union Graduate College (USA), programoje dėsto įvairių JAV ir Europos universitetų specialistai. Studijos nemokamos.

Platesnis studijų programos pristatymas:

Union Graduate College (USA), in partnership with the Department of Medical History and Ethics of Vilnius University (Lithuania) offers a graduate level Advanced Certificate Program in Research Ethics aimed at training bioethicists, biomedical scientists, ethics committee  members, lawyers, managers, nurses, philosophers, physicians, researchers and social scientists from Central and Eastern Europe.

The program is a seven-course (approximately 16 month) graduate-level program in international research ethics. Most of the courses occur online, but Fellows attend two on-site courses: an eight-day Proseminar in Vilnius, Lithuania (scheduled for 7-13 August, 2011) and a week-long practicum/capstone the following summer (dates and location will be announced later). The Program provides support for travel to these two on-site courses, as well as books, internet access, and an additional stipend to cover the costs of an individual research project. Upon successful completion of their certificate, outstanding graduates from the Certificate Program may also be invited to enroll (with a full scholarship) in the Bioethics Program of Union Graduate College and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, where they can receive a Masters of Science in Bioethics upon completion of six additional courses. More information about the program (

The basic admission requirements for applicants are as follows:
They must be fluent (speaking, reading, writing) in English.
They must have access to an up-to-date computer with Internet connection.
They must hold a degree beyond the BA or diploma and have administrative, teaching, research, or clinical experience relevant to research ethics.
They must provide evidence of ability to implement the results of their education.

Potential applicants who want to start the application process, can do so on our website ( The deadline for applications is the 1st of April, 2011. Please also contact Eugenijus Gefenas ( if you want more detailed information about the program.

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